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Beauty Brand Founder Shirley Menard Launched an Entire Collection of Body Creams to Soothe Sensitive Skin
Founded over one decade ago, Menard's company, Beurre Shea Butter Skincare, continues to expand its offerings, which include everything from cleansers for those with eczema to oils that tend to babies' skin.
The Founders of Frankly Apparel Created a Chic, Braless Clothing Line Designed for All Cup Sizes
Jane Dong, the COO, and Heather Eaton, the CEO, took the body-inclusive brand from a class project to a full-fledged business that makes clothes "to fit our bodies—not the other way around."
Hopie Stockman's Textiles Are an Ode to Block Printing and Weaving Techniques Dating Back Centuries
CEO Hopie Stockman opened Block Shop Textiles with her sister, Lily, and has grown the brand on the principles of "creating an interior world that helps soften the edges of exterior life's daily challenges."
Designer Suzie Kondi Makes Martha's Favorite Tracksuits—Here's How She Broke Into the Loungewear Space
Founded in 2018, the fashion designer's collection features comfortable dresses, jumpsuits, and everything in between.
Bread Beauty Supply's Maeva Heim Makes Essentials for Women with Textured Hair
The founder and CEO launched her brand to solve the problems she commonly faced when shopping for hair care products.
Trina Chan, the Co-Founder and CEO of No. 8, Is on a Mission to Boost Brain Health Around the World
The AAPI-founded brand makes gummies that promote "focus, calm, sleep, and energy," and puts mental health front and center in the process.

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Trade Street Jam Co.'s Ashley Rouse Creates Jams That Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth (Without Lots of Sugar)
The entrepreneur creates her unique condiments with low sugar and no preservatives— and ingredients from local farmers to help uplift her community.
Beverly Malbranche of Caribbrew Honors Her Homeland of Haiti Through Her Coffee Brand
The entrepreneur says that when she learned Haiti was once a major coffee producer, she felt "challenged to revive this lost history and create opportunities through it."
Hana Getachew, the Founder of Bolé Road Textiles, Weaves Her Ethiopian Heritage Into Her Custom Fabrics

These high-end home goods feature everything from bold colors and clean lines to muted tones, and are reminiscent of traditional design.