New This Month

Photography: Johnny Miller

Source: Martha Stewart Living, June 2013


These can be worn as a diaper cover or over underpants.

Soft-stretch elastic, by Stretchrite, 1/4", $2.50 for 3 yd.,


  • Tea towels

  • Sewing machine and supplies

  • Soft-stretch elastic, 1/4 inch wide


  1. Download dress pattern template, print, and assemble pattern. Lay out on towels (you may need to play around with positioning) and cut out.

  2. To make front, sew center seam (with right sides facing) and press open. Repeat to make back.

  3. With right sides facing, sew side seams and press open.

  4. To create leg openings, sew inseam (with right sides facing).

  5. At waist, press top edge under by 1/4 inch, then again by 1 inch. Sew around, leaving a 1-inch opening at back. Repeat process with leg openings.

  6. Using a safety pin, thread 1 yard of elastic through waist channel; overlap ends (trimming as needed) and sew. Repeat process with leg openings.

  7. Hand-sew openings closed.

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