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Felt Tech Case

Scratchproof Dad's go-to accessory with a soft sleeve that requires only basic sewing skills.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, June 2013


This case requires only a few straight stitches. The sleeves shown here are machine-sewn, but you can hand-stitch them instead. The elastic is sandwiched between the felt pieces. Choose a button-and-string or an elastic closure; add a small pocket for earphones. Download one of our templates for these cases (we have ones for an iPad with button, iPad with elastic, or iPad mini or Kindle), to fit another device or a favorite book.


  • Rotary cutter (or scissors)

  • Holland wool felt, in Ash, Carrot, and Sea Green, 18" by 18", from $8 each,

  • Sewing machine and sewing supplies

  • Riche buttons, by Sun Felt, in Medium Gray, $6 for 3,


  1. Download and print template of choice.

  2. Following template guidelines, cut felt pieces and position a 14-inch length of elastic. Pin felt and elastic in place.

  3. Sew pocket onto front first, then sew side seams.

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