15 Great Gatsby Party Ideas


Put on your flapper dress and time travel back to the Jazz Age with our collection of deluxe decor ideas and lavish recipes.

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Invite Away


Set the mood for your snazzy soiree with this elegant engraved invitation. Swoopy Venetian script suggests that the event will be a formal affair, while the gold ink hints that, like Jay Gatsby, you've got a couple of tricks up your sleeve.

Bifold invitation by Mrs. John L. Strong. Calligraphy by John DeCollibus.

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How Much Booze to Buy


The "Great Gatsby" was set during Prohibition, but that didn't prevent liquor from flowing freely at Jay Gatsby's hellraising social events. Use our party calculator to ensure your bar stays fully stocked until your guests go home.

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How to Open and Pour Champagne


Jay Gatsby might have only cared about securing Daisy's affection, but your guests will toast to you when you open the next bottle of Champagne with a perfect pop and pour it into their flutes with a sure hand.

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Mint Julep


Take a break from dancing the Charleston and cool off with a refreshing mint julep.

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Blackberry Gin Fizz


Made with fresh blackberries, this riff off the traditional gin fizz makes the perfect summer cocktail for sipping poolside or down at the dock.

Get the Blackberry Gin Fizz Recipe

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Meyer Lemon-Yogurt Cake

John Kernick

When attempting to woo his sweetheart, Gatsby ordered 12 lemon cakes, Daisy's favorite, from the local delicatessen. Try your luck with this beautiful Meyer lemon bundt cake.

Get the Meyer Lemon-Yogurt Cake Recipe

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Dessert Wine Gelees with Citrus Fruit

Joseph De Leo

Elaborate gelatin molds were as commonplace as throngs of fun-seeking strangers at Gatsby's gatherings. These bite-sized wine gelees are infused with sweet wines and undercut with citrus flavorings -- the perfect dessert for jubilant partygoers.

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Raw Oysters with Mignonette Gelee

Christopher Baker

Oysters Rockefeller were all the rage during the 1920s, but we think your party guests will prefer these oysters, which are served raw and flavored with sweet Champagne, shallots, and ginger.

Get the Raw Oysters with Mignonette Gelee Recipe

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Individual Crudites

Charles Schiller

The clever Jay Gatsby would approve of this entirely edible appetizer idea: A hollowed-out slice of baguette houses crunchy crudites that are served with a trio of dips.

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Salmon Mousse


Blend smoked salmon with sour cream and lemon juice to yield a luxurious spread that's befitting of the opulence of the Jazz Age.

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Barware from Macy’s


If you're going to make merry like Jay Gatsby and friends, you might as well dress the part. Buy the Martha Stewart Collection barware accessories collection, and you can sip mint juleps and gin fizzes in style.

Shop the Martha Stewart Collection Barware at macys.com

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The Golden Years

Mike Krautter

Jay Gatsby enjoyed spending his fortune on everything from beautiful silk shirts to a Rolls-Royce. Give your guests the golden treatment with our collection of fabulous party decorations.

Shop the MarthaCelebrations Gold Party at jcp.com

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