15 Fava Bean Recipes You Need to Try This Spring


It's time to get better acquainted with favas! An ancient member of the pea family, they have a nutty taste and buttery texture all their own. Click through for our favorite recipes featuring favas.

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Fava Bean Basics


They do take a bit of work -- fava beans have to be shelled, and unless they’re extremely small, the individual beans will have an outer skin that needs to be removed as well -- but they're deliciously worth it.

In Season: Peak season for fava beans is late March through early May.

What to Look For: Seek out sturdy green pods with a velvety fuzz. Avoid any with slimy brown spots or overly large beans.

How to Store: Refrigerate for up to one week.

How to Prep: For most recipes, you’ll blanch and peel the beans: Remove beans from pods, and cook in a pot of salted boiling water for 2 minutes. Drain, and run under cold water. Remove the skins.

Learn the trick to peeling fava beans in our how-to video.

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Fava Beans with Snap Peas and Mint

John Kernick

Celebrate spring with this twist on minted peas -- swap them out for snap peas and fava beans and keep the butter and fresh mint.

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Roast Chicken with Fava Beans


Roast chicken pan juices mingle with thyme, roasted garlic, and buttery favas to form a beautiful foundation for this comforting skillet dinner.

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Asparagus and Fava Beans with Toasted Almonds

asparagus nut lima bean
Christopher Testani

Two of spring's stars come together in this dish. This recipe makes a modest amount of favas go a long way, for maximum effect: sprinkled over blanched asparagus, topped with a lemony dressing, and finished with toasted almonds. The end result is one standout side.

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Fava Bean Soup


This simple, velvety soup is accented with the umami tang of Parmesan cheese.

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Grilled Fava Beans


Never grilled beans before? Your guests will be delighted by this deliciously charred, shell-it-yourself appetizer.

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Spring Vegetable Ragout


Dijon mustard and Parmesan cheese add a bright zing to this brilliant green vegetarian ragout of asparagus, sugar snap peas, radishes, and herbs. Serve over pasta, polenta, or tortellini to make it a main dish.

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Fava Bean, Mint, and Pecorino Romano Bruschetta


A hint of spice from crushed red pepper adds a lively edge to mild, creamy fava beans in this mix.

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Fava Beans Over Chicken


Gussy up plain poached chicken with favas simmered in a mixture of chicken stock, cream, and sauteed leeks.

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Spring Salad with Fava Beans

spring salad
Anna Williams

Favas add intrigue to a simple green salad made with frisee, baby spinach, carrots, goat cheese, and a white-wine vinaigrette.

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Fava Bean and Goat Cheese Dip with Radishes

Johnny Miller

Fava beans and radishes, two colorful harbingers of spring, combine in this brightly flavored appetizer.

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Fava Bean Salad with Roasted-Garlic Vinaigrette

Fava Bean Salad with Roasted-Garlic Vinaigrette
Eugenie Verdel

Fava beans unite with fresh corn kernels, cucumber, red onion, and feta in a garlicky walnut dressing for a party-worthy side dish.

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Ravioli Stuffed with Fava Beans, Ricotta, and Mint with Brown-Butter Sauce

Ravioli Stuffed with Fava Beans, Ricotta, and Mint with Brown-Butter Sauce
Gentl & Hyers

Pockets of fresh pasta hold a creamy bounty of fresh ricotta, nutty fava beans, and a hint of mint.

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Asparagus, Artichoke, and Fava Bean Salad


The trifecta of asparagus (green and white!), artichokes, and favas is the star of this spring salad. A bright, citrusy buttermilk dressing ties the flavors together beautifully.

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Pasta with Mint Pesto and Fava

meatball dish

Turkey and pancetta meatballs add a hearty note to this pasta dish bursting with the fresh flavors of spring.

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Fava Bean, Parmesan, and Almond Salad

Fava Bean, Parmesan, and Almond Salad
Maria Robledo

Team earthy favas with toasted almonds, nutty Parmesan, fresh mint, and a simple lemon-and-oil dressing for a sensational crostini topping.

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