These French sandwich cookies seem like quite the task, but with a few simple tricks, you'll find these Macarons is easy to make—you'll be an expert in no time.



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  • Whisk together almond meal and confectioner's sugar and sift over a large bowl.

  • Beat egg whites until frothy, 1 to 2 minutes. Slowly add granulated sugar and almond extract, beat until medium shiny peaks, about 3 to 5 minutes.

  • Fold egg whites into almond mixture until combined. Mix vigorously with spatula until the mixture sinks easily into a smooth mass and has the consistency of honey. Transfer mixture to a pastry bag, cut off 1/2 inch off tip. Pipe 1-inch rounds about 1 inch apart on parchment-lined sheets.

  • Let dry 30 minutes to an hour and a half until tops are firm and dry. Preheat oven to 350. Bake one sheet at a time for about 14 minutes, rotating once. Let cool completely on wire racks before filling and sandwiching cookies together.

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Rating: 3 stars
An okay basic recipe except it doesn't tell you to whack em (ya know when you drop the baking sheet on the counter to pop air bubbles? The thing that keeps macarons from being hollow? yeah you gotta whack em) or when to put food coloring in. ALSO Just tasting the batter I can tell it's going to be obscenely sweet so I'm using a bitter filling (dark chocolate maybe?) i also left out the almond essence or whatever, and my measurements for the solids is definitely off. I think I may have made an entirely different cookie. Good luck
Rating: 5 stars
It worked and it seemed easy!!!
Rating: Unrated
The batter turned out fine, but I agree with previous commenters that this recipe is much too sweet. The temperature is also too high for too long; the first tray turned out crispy and browned, which is delicious in its own crunchy way but not a macaron. I turned my oven down to 300 and they came out great after 10 mins.
Rating: Unrated
I have been baking for 30 years and usually don't follow recipes by the book, but with this one I did, and they are a nice biscotti! They came out so hard, I followed step by step, they taste great but they are very hard, They are hollow in the middle, what happened was it the eggs? Were they supposed to be 2?? Please help, I did put food coloring and did some cream cheese and lemon and raspberry for the filling, they taste good, but the rest are not good looking. Help!!
Rating: Unrated
I haven't made them yet, but in the video she says 2 egg whites & the recipe on the page says 4 egg whites. that might be why everyones is so runny.
Rating: 1 stars
Tried to make this recipe followed everything exactly but it was a complete flop!! Batter was soggy and was wayyy to sweet. Will never make this again. Not sure i can trust this site after that recipie..
Rating: Unrated
Can u tint batter to get a pastel cookie
Rating: Unrated
Perfect recipe as long as you know the egg whites must be at room temp before you whip them. My first attempt was a fail but now perfect!
Rating: Unrated
Hi!! I did get a runny mess with my batter. I followed the recipe step by step. How frustrating!! Any ideas why?
Rating: Unrated
Really enjoyed these cookies. We used the coconut extract instead of the almond which was a good variation. We let the cookies set 30 minutes before we baked them off. A good tip is too leave the cookies out to dry as long as you can. The longer the better. Also we recommend not baking these on a cold damp day as the cookies don't seem to dry out enough. Try not too make the cookies to small as they are very delicate.
Rating: Unrated
interested to try this out her other macaroon recipe is good but wasn't very consistent. Looks like the main difference in prep is the set time this calls for 30 min to 1.5 hrs to crust over vs. the other recipe calls for only 15 minutes. Worth a shot love these little guys!
Rating: Unrated
I made these last night, and they were fantastic! Mine were a bit blobby because I botched the piping part a bit, but this recipe is so easy to follow and they taste delicious.
Rating: Unrated
Must try this. I have taken a macaron making class at Sur La Table and this is the same technique that they use. Nice to see it in a clear, easy to follow video.
Rating: Unrated
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Rating: Unrated
So easy and absolutely delicious.
Rating: Unrated
Any suggestions for the 4 leftover egg yolks?
Rating: Unrated
than you,thank you, for this recipe , I have never used a piping bag before and this was so simple ,you have erased my fears of attempting a great many recipes ,and I love your videos . you are charming and I am able to sort of rewind you. My only issue was not being as tidy .......
Rating: Unrated
The consistency was very fluid and runny. When I piped, the mixture lost the circle shape. The only difference was that I divided the dough and mixed green tea powder and chocolate powder. This could be the cause? Or I mixed a long time on step 3???
Rating: Unrated
i'm interested to hear how many people will be successful with this recipe. it's not as exact as most all i've seen and the mixing during the macaronage step is much too vigorous, which could let all the air out of the whipped whites and create a runny mess.
Rating: Unrated
I love this recipe Sarah, thank you!!! I would love some entertaining recipes, cocktail party, barbecue...
Rating: Unrated
What happened to Step 3? It was cut off right where it says "cut off." Thanks