Credit: Kate Mathis

Edible Easter grass -- wisps of fruit-flavored candy -- is a clear improvement on the cellophane basket filler. So much so that crafts editor Jodi Levine and her sons use it for several springtime sweets. She starts by slightly separating the coil of candy into a loose wreath, and then nestles the treat inside.


The trick to this robin's-egg topper is laying the icing on thickly: Spread it at least 3/4-inch high, so the grass and candy eggs can nestle in it.


Add some height to a dessert table by propping a bunny-shaped cookie on a compote dish -- the tightly coiled nest of grass should hold the cookie upright. (If not, dab a bit of icing on the dish and press the cookie base into it.)


Make mini habitats (no air holes required) for chocolate bunnies or lambs. Recycle any jar large enough to fit the chocolates. Paint the lids to match the Easter grass inside.

Edible Easter grass, $5 per oz.,

Craft paint, by Martha Stewart Crafts, $2 each,

Small white-chocolate animals (similar to shown), $3.75 each,


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