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Asparagus Custard Tart

Recipe photo courtesy of Jonathan Lovekin

This tart is unapologetically rich -- there is puff pastry, Gruyere, goat cheese, and cream -- yet the overall effect is one of lightness. It's a handy make-ahead addition to a festive spread like this one, but paired with a green salad, it also makes a satisfying supper on its own.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, April 2013
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  • brian.owens
    26 FEB, 2017
    Been making this for brunch for several years now. It always comes out perfect. The cook time and amount of flour is spot on. I'll cook for 45 minutes just for some more browning and use just one tables[filtered] of flour. Usually I'll use a regular frozen pie crust instead of puff pastry or make up a crust from hash browned potatoes. Sometimes I'll skip the goat cheese and use 3.5 oz of gruyere. There is a lot of flexibility in this one.
  • kelinda12
    5 NOV, 2013
    This quiche was a huge hit when I made it! I added some cooked ground sausage to it for a bit more protein. I did need to cook it for about 20 min more and I simply didn't cook the puff pastry as much at first so that tenting was not needed. I took the advise of adding one more table spoon of flour and the texture was perfect. Enjoy!
  • Well Dined
    27 JUN, 2013
    3 stars as written, 5 with adjustments - with an average of 4. As others have said, double the flour, double the cooking time. Make sure you cover the edges of the puff pastry or it will burn. If you quadruple the flour, you might be able to lower the cooking time. That being said - when it does finally set up it is heavenly. Light, fluffy, asparagus flavored custard.
  • SFKaren
    10 JUN, 2013
    I have made this dish five times and each time it has been a huge success. One thing I do that might make a difference for others is that I use 2 lbs of asparagus instead of one and I use 2 TBS of flour instead of one. It does take a bit longer to cook than the recipe states, so it is really important to cover the crust to keep it from burning. Otherwise, this is a dream dish.
  • pbpatty615
    7 APR, 2013
    I've made this twice now and the 40 minute cooking time is not enough. I even increased the oven to 375 the second time. Perhaps more flour would help as another reviewer said.
  • MS11402627
    2 APR, 2013
    I followed the directions exactly and I did need about 15 minutes more time in the oven. We served this as a side dish with the ham on Easter and it was a big hit.
  • mizholly
    1 APR, 2013
    This was a total failure, the custard would not set and kept adding 10 minutes, 10 minutes...after an hour and a half the puff pastry was crisped out (I tented) and the center still not set. skip this one.
  • MS10344956
    31 MAR, 2013
    We just wiped this out at this afternoon's Easter Feast. It was superb - as written. Perhaps I dried off the asparagus more intensely than others? The timing was perfect, even though I'm baking at nearly 9,000 ft. altitude (which generally adds lots of cooking time). Either way, this was a terrific (and likely permanent) addition to our spring holiday meals.
  • Denise Fox
    31 MAR, 2013
    The last poster is correct. This dish, as written has to be baked for twice the time. (80) minutes. I will try this recipe again but with the following modifications. Not only will I pat the asparagus dry but will squeeze it to eliminate excess moisture before putting the stems into the blender. I will also add one heaping tablespoon full of white flour to the egg/cream mixture - this will help absorb excess moisture and give the tart a firmer texture quicker. And I will add 1 TBS Mayo.
  • Carlo Says
    21 MAR, 2013
    Needs to go back to the test kitchens of MSLO. Directions said to put in a 350 oven after blind baking for 40 minutes. This did not work, custard didn't set. I found i had to keep putting back in the oven in ten minute incriminates until finally after 75 minutes it was still runny and pastry was overcooked. What a disappointment..

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