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Knitted Stool with Nubby Seat

"Benchwarmer" has no negative connotations here. Soft, bulky yarn makes comfortable woolen covers for wooden stools. These call for a slight variation on the simple rectangle: Each cover is shaped like a cross with very short arms that are then folded down and stitched to make the corners.

Photography: Christopher Baker

Source: Martha Stewart


Make the Knitted Stool with Gray Feet or Black Feet to match.

Resources: Yarn, in Ecru, by Cascade Magnum, from


  • Size 13 needles

  • 2 skeins yarn

  • Synthetic batting cut to seat size

  • 24-inch saddle-seat stool

  • Stapler


  1. Cast on 41 stitches. Knit in garter stitch for 7 rows (2 inches).

  2. Increase 6 stitches at beginning of next row. Knit 41 stitches in loop stitch. Increase 6 stitches at end of row. Continue knitting in loop stitch for 9 inches.

  3. Decrease 6 stitches at beginning of next row, as well as at the end. Continue knitting for 7 more rows.

  4. Cast off. Weave in ends. (Block if needed.)

  5. Stitch together all corners, creating a slipcover.

  6. Place batting on seat of stool. Place slipcover over batting. Staple excess to underside of stool.

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