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Felted Trivets

That old sweater protected you from the cold, but it'll protect your tabletop from heat when you turn it into a felted trivet.

Photography: Kate Mathis

Source: Martha Stewart Living, March 2013


Sweaters are not your only secret source. Try upcycling shirts, mittens, etc. Whatever you chose to upcycle, just follow this single guidline: it must be at least 80 percent wool.


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  • Sweater

  • Rotary cutter or scissors


  1. Wash the sweater with detergent on your washing machine's hottest setting. Dry it at the highest temperature as well. (To get the properly thick felted texture — matted and no longer unraveling — you may need to repeat the process.)

  2. Cut the felt to any size, and shape it as you like with a rotary cutter or craft scissors.

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