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Felt Butterfly Slippers

Source: Martha Stewart Living


The templates for the slippers can be adjusted to fit different shoe sizes. Try making our Felt Branch Slippers.


  • Card stock

  • Cream felt, white felt, and fusible webbing

  • Disappearing-ink pen

  • Scissors

  • Sewing machine

  • Fabric glue


  1. Download slipper templates (2 slipper tops, 1 left sole, 1 right sole, butterflies), resizing as desired; print onto card stock, and cut out all templates.

  2. Cut equal rectangles of cream felt, white felt, and fusible webbing, each large enough to accommodate 2 slipper tops. Stack layers, with webbing in middle. Iron, following webbing manufacturer's instructions.

  3. Lay slipper-top templates side by side on fused felt. Trace with a disappearing-ink pen, and cut out slipper tops.

  4. With disappearing-ink pen, trace butterfly templates onto different shades of pink felt. Cut out shapes.

  5. Secure butterflies to cream side of slipper tops with straight pins or fabric glue. Using a sewing machine, stitch along midline of butterflies to secure to slippers.

  6. Cut equal rectangles of heather-brown felt, salmon felt, and fusible webbing large enough to accommodate 2 soles. Stack layers, with webbing in middle. Iron, following manufacturer's instructions on webbing. Lay templates for both soles side by side on fused fabric; trace with disappearing-ink pen. Cut out soles.

  7. With a sewing machine, sew closed the vertical seam at back of each slipper top with a zigzag stitch (do not overlap fabric; instead, align edges, and stitch).

  8. Pin 1 sewn slipper top to 1 sole, cream side down. Starting at heel, sew around perimeter of slipper, leaving a 1/4-inch seam allowance. Repeat to finish second slipper.

  9. And then you're finished.

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