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Ombre Art Panel

Ombre -- a dyeing technique that creates soft color gradations -- brings its stylish haze to the home.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, May 2008


Begin by learning How to Dye Fabric.

Then, cut fabric 6 inches longer on all sides than stretcher bar. Fold in half to produce identical gradations at top and bottom or on both sides. For top and bottom shading, fold horizontally. For side shading, fold vertically. Pin through all layers to mark shade levels. Dye as directed. Iron completed fabric. Attach it to stretcher bar using a staple gun.


  1. Lay dyed fabric face down. Center the stretcher bar on top of the fabric.

  2. Fold fabric over the left side of stretcher bar. Secure with 1 staple in the middle of bar. Repeat on the right side, pulling cloth taut. On the left side, staple once 3 inches to the left of middle; staple again 3 inches to the right of middle. Repeat on the right side, pulling cloth taut.

  3. Continue stapling every 3 inches, alternating sides, until the left and right edges are secure.

  4. Repeat on the top and bottom, starting in the middle and leaving 6 inches of fabric unstapled at both ends.

  5. Working at 1 corner, tuck in unstapled fabric (as if you were wrapping a present) to create an edge flush with the adjacent, fully stapled side; pull taut, and secure with staples. Repeat at remaining corners.

  6. Attach 2 eye screws on the back of the right and left sides about 1/3 from top. Insert a picture wire; hang.

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