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Grocery Getups: Knight and Dragon

Source: Halloween 2004, Special Issue 2004


Going to the supermarket takes on a whole new meaning when the goal is to look for ingredients for costumes. Who knew you could use ordinary household supplies to create Halloween haute couture? Add some craft supplies, and construct the costumes in most cases with just staples, packing tape, and glue. They're easy to make, and you and your child can work on them together. But the first thing you'll need to do is go grocery shopping. Take your trick-or-treater on a trip down the aisles, and let your imaginations run free.

Aha! To the dragon's lair! Via the baking aisle! These two make an imposing knight and dragon team. The breastplate and the dragon's scales are candy cups; the leg and arm armor is cut from aluminum pans; a folded pie tin is the hilt of the foil-clad broadsword. No need to fear the baby dragon she breathes milk and her spikes are made of sponges.

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  • 2 packs foil candy cups

  • 1 box brass paper fasteners

  • 1 foil roasting pan

  • 3 foil pie pans

  • 1 roll aluminum foil

  • 12 kitchen sponges


  1. You'll need 100 silver foil candy cups; flatten and halve each. Lay a 2-foot piece of 1/2-inch-wide double-fold bias tape in a U shape.

  2. Using craft glue, attach a row of half circles inside fold, leaving room for ties. Using transparent tape, add on rows of foil cups until desired size is reached. Wear over gray sweatshirt if desired.

  3. Glue together overlapping foil half circles; stud with brass paper fasteners. Cover fastener prongs on inside with cloth tape for comfort.

  4. Make a duct-tape belt (sticky sides facing) to cinch sweatshirt.

  5. Shape pieces from foil pans. Turn edges in; staple ribbon to corners to tie. Use mini pie pans for knees.

  6. Using craft glue, line the middle of the back of a sleeper and a matching hat with gold-colored candy cups cut in quarters.

  7. Cut tail shape from cardboard; insert into a leg cut from a pair of red tights. Stuff with batting; stitch closed.

  8. Sew wide end to sleeper. Hot-glue more gold cups to tail. Cut sponges into wave shapes; hot-glue along spine.

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