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Grocery Getups: Princess

Source: Halloween 2004, Special Issue 2004


Going to the supermarket takes on a whole new meaning when the goal is to look for ingredients for costumes. Who knew you could use ordinary household supplies to create Halloween haute couture? Add some craft supplies, and construct the costumes in most cases with just staples, packing tape, and glue. They're easy to make, and you and your child can work on them together. But the first thing you'll need to do is go grocery shopping. Take your trick-or-treater on a trip down the aisles, and let your imaginations run free.

Tra la la! The prettiest princesses must wear lots of lace, and paper doilies will do splendidly. These girls are dressed in underskirts made from plastic kitchen bags and pleated paper place mats, and overskirts made from plastic tablecloths and doilies. Their ruffled jabots are made of doilies cut in fan shapes of graduated sizes. Now where are their knights in shining armor?

Note: Young children require supervision around plastic bags and pins.

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  • 1 pack drawstring trash bags

  • 1 pack paper place mats

  • 1 plastic tablecloth

  • 4 packs doilies in various sizes


  1. Loosen seal on a white kitchen-size drawstring trash bag so drawstring moves freely. For pleats, accordion-fold six to nine paper place mats; flatten slightly and fold clear packing tape over top edge.

  2. 2. Tape pleats to front of bag, overhanging rows.

  3. Fold a 54-by-108-inch plastic tablecloth in half widthwise (fold is waistline), and trim 3 or 4 inches from bottom edge of top layer; save scrap.

  4. Staple 1-inch pleats along fold; fold scrap piece over staples for waistband, leaving extra for ties, and staple (cover staples with tape). Cut small doilies in half; tape to hem.

  5. Cut fan shapes in graduated sizes from doilies; layer as shown, and tape at back. Safety-pin to shirt.

  6. Cut through to center of 10-inch doily, and remove a circle for neck hole. Fold 1/4-inch-wide bias tape along inside edge, leaving extra for ties; glue. Repeat with 4-inch doilies for cuffs.

  7. Trace plastic headband onto 8-inch doily; cut out. Cut 1/2-inch-deep tabs along cut edge; fold up tabs, and glue to headband. Safety-pin small fan-shaped doilies to shoes.

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