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Grocery Getups: Cowboy

Source: Halloween 2004, Special Issue 2004


Going to the supermarket takes on a whole new meaning when the goal is to look for ingredients for costumes. Who knew you could use ordinary household supplies to create Halloween haute couture? Add some craft supplies, and construct the costumes in most cases with just staples, packing tape, and glue. They're easy to make, and you and your child can work on them together. But the first thing you'll need to do is go grocery shopping. Take your trick-or-treater on a trip down the aisles, and let your imaginations run free.

Howdy, pardner. To turn your kid into a charismatic cowboy, just rustle up some brown-paper grocery and trash-compactor bags. When you get home, snip and punch them into a fringed vest and chaps, then add paper-fastener studs and candy-cup conchos. A mop-maned horse is ready to accompany this rider on a hunt for candy.

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  • 1 pack trash-compactor bags

  • 1 box brass paper fasteners

  • 1 paper grocery bag

  • 1 pack foil candy cups

  • 1 aluminum loaf pan

  • 1 rope-style mop head

  • 1 pair shoelaces


  1. Using our templates as a guide, draw chaps onto an upside-down trash-compactor bag. Fold up open end for cuffs. Cut out chaps.

  2. Stud each leg along outer edge using a hole punch and brass paper fasteners; push fasteners through top fold of gusset only so bag will still expand.

  3. Decorate some fasteners with flattened foil candy cups and thin strips of brown paper; fringe edge of each leg.

  4. Punch holes through each leg at inside of knee, upper thigh, and waist; use shoelaces to tie chaps over jeans.

  5. Cut away sides of a medium size paper grocery bag; think of bag's bottom as the shoulders. Draw bottom portion of the vest pattern onto front of bag, and the top portion onto bag's bottom.

  6. Cut front and top of bag along tracing (back of bag remains intact). Fringe bottom edge.

  7. Punch holes in front and back of vest, as indicated, and insert brass fasteners.

  8. Loop rubber bands between fasteners at sides and at front to hold vest closed.

  9. For crown of hat, punch hole in center of each long side of an aluminum loaf pan, and crease down the middle.

  10. For brim, use our brim template to draw hat brim onto kraft paper. Cut out along outer edge, and cut out center.

  11. Cut tabs along inside edge; tape to inside of pan. Thread shoelaces through holes in pan and knot on outside.

  12. For the belt buckle: Draw an oval onto cardboard. Cut out.

  13. Cover in foil, and stud with brass fasteners. Use duct tape to fasten buckle to a strip of corrugated cardboard cut across the grain, long enough to wrap around the waist.

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