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Family-Photo Cookie Packaging

What’s sweeter than a box of Valentine’s Day cookies? One decorated with a family photograph. Scan and print a black-and-white photo onto vellum (if you have an ink-jet printer, let the printout dry before handling it). Trace the box lid onto the photo, cut it out to be slightly smaller than the lid, and tack it to the lid by dotting with a glue stick. Line the bottom with a circle of pink, red, or gold glassine.

Clear round boxes, 8 15/16" by 1 1/8" (C019), $13.75 for 10, and 5 7/8" by 1 3/16” (C061), $4.25 for 5;
Vellum paper, in clear (GN2911), $11.50 for 50 sheets,
Glassine sheets, 80 cents each,

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