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Cornucopia Favors

This Thanksgiving, your guests will give thanks for these individual cornucopia favors. Each one is bedecked with gold-leafed oak leaves and acorns, and filled to the brim with sugared treats, and lastly, left at a place setting.

Photography: Maura McEvoy

Source: Martha Stewart Living, November 2007


The cornucopia, that traditional symbol of fall's abundance, assumes a stately presence, thanks to a coating of shimmering floral spray and a wreath of gold-leafed oak leaves and acorns. The stems of pale gourds are given a burnished sheen as well, and gold-rimmed dessert plates and Venetian glassware reiterate the palette. A caramelized apple spice cake, rich with pecans, is frosted with a brown-sugar-meringue buttercream and adorned with marzipan pumpkins and acorns dusted with luster to complete the glowing scenario. Sugared almonds and pine nuts fill the cornucopia favors.


  • 10 feet of gold lametta ( 1/4-inch tinsel roping)

  • Scissors

  • Styrofoam cone

  • Sewing pin or T pin


  1. Cut four 7-inch pieces and one 4-inch piece of lametta.

  2. Twist the long pieces together at their midpoints to create a star with 8 points. Hook end of short piece to center to add a ninth point.

  3. Trim ends to same length; space evenly.

  4. Hook end of remaining lametta near center of star.

  5. Trim cone so tip measures 4 inches. Place tip at center of star; secure with pin.

  6. Press the 9 lametta lengths against cone. Tightly weave remaining lametta through the lengths until all but 1/4 inch of cone is covered.

  7. Remove cone. Bend ends over last row.

  8. Curve the tip of the cornucopia.

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