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Hair-Raising Costume: Ice

Source: Martha Stewart Kids, Fall 2004


It's locks and locks of fun! Clever Halloween getups for kids needn't be a chore, so don't pull your hair out -- pull theirs up. Kids will go wild for this "natural" style. A great costume is easy with a few tricks, plus aerosol hair spray and washable spray-on hair dye (fix hair in a well-ventilated area). Details such as plastic creatures will add extra flair. The products we used are available at beauty, party, and crafts stores. What to wear with the hair? Plain clothes in colors that coordinate with the style won't distract attention from the top. Kids will amaze everyone, but don't (or do) let it go to their head.


What costume could be cooler than this?

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  • Eyelash glue

  • Body crystals

  • Hair lacquer

  • White hair dye


  1. Use hairspray to freeze hair in place.

  2. Hairspray functions as "glue" for the plastic crystals.

  3. Spray white hair dye in hair to make it look frosty.

  4. Attach body crystals to child's face with eyelash glue.

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