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Hair-Raising Costume: Wind

Source: Martha Stewart Kids, Fall 2004


It's locks and locks of fun! Clever Halloween getups for kids needn't be a chore, so don't pull your hair out -- pull theirs up. Kids will go wild for these "natural" style. A great costume is easy with a few tricks, plus aerosol hair spray and washable spray-on hair dye (fix hair in a well-ventilated area). Details such as plastic creatures will add extra flair. The products we used are available at beauty, party, and crafts stores. What to wear with the hair? Plain clothes in colors that coordinate with the style won't distract attention from the top. Kids will amaze everyone, but don't (or do) let it go to their head.


Oliver, age 9, possesses a heady power, creating gales wherever he goes. Styling was a breeze; in no time, he had a costume that blew everyone away. To complete Oliver's costume, a piece of wire was slipped inside his tie and bent to imitate the force of a strong wind. For this style, hair shouldn't be very short.

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  • Bobby pins

  • Masking tape

  • Old towel

  • Necktie

  • Smock

  • Hair lacquer

  • Silver dye


  1. Dampen hair. Have child, in undershirt and dress shirt, lie on a bench so hair hangs over edge; place a rolled towel under his neck and a smock over clothes.

  2. Spray hair with hair lacquer and silver dye, twisting ends.

  3. Tie necktie. Cut and bend armature wire to mimic tie's shape, twisting at knot; cover ends with masking tape. Place tie around shirt collar to hang down back. Just below knot, slip wire ends through seams into tie (snip threads if needed). Slip loop inside shirt to lay flat against child's back; tape to undershirt. Bend tie to look windblown.

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