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Hair-Raising Costume: Wave

Source: Martha Stewart Kids, Fall 2004


It's locks and locks of fun! Clever Halloween getups for kids needn't be a chore, so don't pull your hair out -- pull theirs up. Kids will go wild for these "natural" styles: Give strands a lift with radical waves (the surfing kind). A great costume is easy with a few tricks, plus aerosol hair spray and washable spray-on hair dye (fix hair in a well-ventilated area). Details such as plastic creatures will add extra flair. The products we used are available at beauty, party, and crafts stores. What to wear with the hair? Plain clothes in colors that coordinate with the style won't distract attention from the top. Kids will amaze everyone, but don't (or do) let it go to their head.

Ocean Wave

Heads up! This wavy hair is totally gnarly. A surfer hangs loose as he navigates the hair-sprayed wave breaking atop 7-year-old Michael's head. Cotton-ball foam bubbles up, while a plastic dolphin has a swell time. This style works well when bangs are chin-length.

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  • Hot glue gun

  • Bobby pins

  • Elastic ponytail holders

  • Old towel

  • Comb

  • Paper cup

  • Hair lacquer

  • Cotton ball

  • Blue hair dye


  1. Have your child put his costume on (Michael wore a surfing shirt).

  2. At top of head, divide hair into three sections as shown, and clip the two side sections (one should be extra large) out of the way. Twist middle section into a pin curl and secure flat with bobby pin (later, a plastic surfer figurine will be clipped to this curl).

  3. Unclip largest section and tease with comb.

  4. Unclip last section and flip it over so it joins teased section. Wrap hair from back to front around a paper cup and secure with hair clips. Spray with hair lacquer (superstrong hair spray); keep hair in place as you spray by holding the tail of a rattail comb against cup's side.

  5. Remove cup. Finish shaping curled hair into a wave while blowing it with a diffuser, stopping occasionally to spray with lacquer. When finished, spray well.

  6. Have your child cover his face with an old towel and his costume with an old shirt or smock. Spray wave with blue dye, holding can about 6 inches from hair. For foam, pull apart a cotton ball and stuff into hair with end of rattail comb. To attach surfer, hot-glue bottom of surfboard to a hair clip, let dry, then clip to the bobby-pinned pin curl. You can also hot-glue a dolphin to a hair clip and clip to wave in the desired place.

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