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Bird-Themed Moving Announcements

Photography: Charles Schiller

Source: Martha Stewart Living, September 2001


Long before the arrival of the pilgrims, this country was populated by people who moved, and that spirit of mobility has not waned over the centuries. An average of 43 million people in the United States change residences each year. If you are among them, a simple card containing your new address and telephone number, sent to family and friends, saves much puzzlement and ensures that birthday greetings reach you on time.

What you send need not be fancy -- the post office even provides free postcards for this purpose -- but a new home is something to celebrate, and custom-made announcements are one way to do just that. Just be sure you can finish your project in time: The post office advises sending out change-of-address cards one month before you move.

Birds represent the perfect balance between the freedom of flight and the comfort of a fixed address. For these two projects, consider using stamps that depict regional birds, which are available from the post office. Much of the mail the post office forwards is destined for people who migrate from one residence to another. Lighten the postal workload by declaring your intentions on a card stamped with your address. Here, we used a stamp kit with adjustable letters to add the words and numbers. Custom-made stamps of a bird in flight and a nest -- images found in copyright-free sourcebooks -- provide elegant decoration.


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