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Screen Organizer

Source: Blueprint, July/August 2007


Square It All Away

Which loose bits drive you to your wit's end? We devised a customizable setup that works for someone with four sets of keys, five favorite gadgets, six magazine subscriptions -- or all three at once. A simple wire-screen panel holds smaller items, while a basket becomes your home's in/out box. The cubbyhole console keeps the larger stuff stowed -- at last, a proper place to stash your handbag!


  • Heavy-duty canvas stretcher bars, 24-inch and 32-inch

  • Handy Roll hardware cloth (wire screen)

  • Cubbie console table

  • Wire basket, Moon River Chattel


  1. Buy four heavy-duty canvas stretchers at an art-supply store and a roll of wire screen.

  2. Assemble stretchers to form a frame. Staple screen along top face of frame. Repeat on bottom, pulling screen tight.

  3. Do the same with sides. Trim excess, overhanging screen to make even with frame edges. Spray paint or brush on semigloss latex. Cover small cans (mini paint tins work well) with contact paper and use an awl to punch holes near their rims.

  4. Hang with S-hooks. For keys, we painted the hooks and paired each with a medallion tied to the screen. Magnets keep notes and lists handy.

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