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Craft Closet Apron

Source: Martha Stewart Kids, Volume 3 2002


Young crafters will always make workrooms of their bedrooms, and of the rest of the house as well, for that matter. With a little imagination and work, you can make a bedroom for your child that strikes the right balance between creativity and chaos; one that lets a child's imagination take wing.


  • Scissors

  • Cotton

  • Bookcase

  • Needle and thread

  • 1-inch-wide ribbon

  • Four screws

  • Glue


  1. Cut each of two panels of cotton to fit across half of bookcase (add about 5 inches to each for pleats and hems). Hem all sides. Sew two evenly spaced 1-inch box pleats at the top of each panel; sew a 1-inch-wide ribbon across the tops, 1 inch down. Make buttonholes on the outer edges of each panel, through the ribbon.

  2. Attach four screws to the front of the top shelf, one on each side and two in the center, and hang panels; glue button to the head of each screw to finish.

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