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Deadly Dark Rose Bouquets

Source: Martha Stewart Living, Volume 143 October 2005


It's frighteningly simple to set a festive scene when your shroud your home in this shadowy shade.

Carved Pumpkins
These puckish pumpkins with their paint-blackened rinds and orange-gold interiors, thumb their carved noses at traditional jack-o'-lanterns.

Tools and Materials
Miniature carving saw
Plaster scraper
Masking tape
Black floral spray
Battery-powered light
Needle tool or awl
Waxed paper Straight pins

Carved Pumpkins How-To
1. Make a 4-inch round hole in the bottom of your pumpkin with a carving saw; scrape out flesh.

2. Place pumpkin on newspaper in a well-ventilated area. Wrap masking tape around stem, and coat pumpkin with black floral spray. Let dry for 30 minutes; remove tape.

3. Print desired template enlarged or reduced to fit your pumpkin, and cut outside the perimeter. Tape to pumpkin.

4. Use needle tool to outline the shape with close-set holes. Cut out design with saw. (If necessary, touch up pumpkin with floral spray.)

5. Place battery-powered light inside. For a muted glow, affix a sheet of waxed paper behind the cutout with straight pins before adding the light source.

Creepy Paper Mice and Bats
These creepy, crawly paper mice and bats are not so nice. Stick these unsavory critters on stair risers, baseboards, or any spot where they might give unsuspecting passersby a little jump.

Tools and Materials
Black construction
Masking tape

Creepy Paper Mice and Bats How-To
1. Print templates.

2. Trace the shapes onto black construction paper, and cut out.

3. Mount as desired with masking tape.


Silk Flower Wreath
This once upon a midnight dreary wreath was created with materials from a crafts store, then sprayed it a raven hue and accented with a silky taffeta ribbon.

Tools and Materials
25 to 30 four-inch silk roses
16-inch wooden wreath form
Hot-glue gun
Black floral spray
Black taffeta ribbon
Flat thumb tacks

Silk Flower Wreath How-To
1. Remove stems from roses, then attach blooms to wreath form with a hot-glue gun.

2. Lay wreath on a piece of newspaper in a well-ventilated area, and spray with black floral spray. Let dry for 30 minutes.

3. Cut about 54 inches of ribbon, and make a large bow; affix it to top of wreath with glue gun.

4. To hang, cut a second piece of ribbon to the desired length. Use tacks to fasten one end to the back of the wreath form and the other to the door stile.


Black Magic Rose Bouquets

 Coat inexpensive mint-julep cups with high-gloss black spray paint and fresh roses with black floral spray, then scatter them with orange taper candles, over your mantel. (Deadly appearances aside, fresh blooms and greenery are not harmed by floral spray.)

Tools and Materials
Fresh roses
Mint-julep cups
Black floral spray
Black high-gloss
Spray paint

Black Magic Rose Bouquets How-To
1. Lay roses, greenery, and mint-julep cups on a newspaper-covered work surface in a well-ventilated space.

2. Coat flowers and leaves with black floral spray and the vases with black high-gloss spray paint. Let dry 30 minutes; create arrangements.

Spooky Paper Curtains
Replace fabric curtains with elegant, gothic-inspired ones made of paper.

Tools and Materials
24-by-36-inch heavy-weight black paper from art-supply store
Masking tape

Printing Instructions for Templates
Once template is open on your computer screen, click the print icon or press Ctrl P on your keyboard. When the print screen appears, select "Print As Image" under the Properties button on the upper right. Click OK to print.

Spooky Curtain How-To
These patterns combine to form the top and side panels of the curtain.

1. Download the templates, which you'll print in sections and tape together.

2. Trace the shapes onto black paper, and cut out.

3. Place looped pieces of masking tape on the curtain's edges, and attach to the inside edge of the window's frame.

Witch and Cat Lawn Ornaments
This sinister sorceress and her trio of menacing felines are in a black humor -- all the better to give guests a start when they arrive at your home for the festivities. The figures are easy to make from hardware-store supplies, and they can be brought out year after year.

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Creepy Candy Jar Labels 
They say the devil is in the details, and when decorating for halloween, this sentiment is all the more appropriate. These decorations are both elegant and eerie -- perfect for amusing guests over the holiday.

Candy Jar and Label How-To
It wouldn't be Halloween without a healthy dose of candy.

1. Choose licorice, candy sticks, and the like in black to match a party's dark theme.

2. Group them together in glass jars and label them with our "warning labels", such as "Rotten Sweets: Dissatisfaction Guaranteed," on self-adhesive paper and affix them to the jars of sweets.

Print out the Candy Jar Labels on self-adhesive computer paper. Affix to candy jars.

Cobweb Stickers Clip Art
Cobwebs, incorporated into the fireplace's molding, provide a resting spot for long-legged critters.

Print out the cobweb labels on self-adhesive computer paper. Affix to the molding of the fireplace or any other place in the household where spiders might lurk.


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