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Dip-Dyed Stationery and Cards

Strike up a colorful correspondence using dip-dyed papers.

Photography: Dana Gallagher

Source: Martha Stewart Living, August 2010


Strike up a colorful correspondence using dip-dyed papers. Different papers will take fabric dye differently (and coated papers may not take it at all), so results can be surprising. We also dipped a roll of rayon seam binding, resulting in wide stripes.

We used Rit liquid dyes in Scarlet, Denim, and Navy, and Rit powder dye in Gray. You can combine colors for custom shades. Let the dye solution cool before dipping paper.

Don't worry about creating precise lines when dipping in paint; irregularities are part of the appeal. If you still have paint left over after dipping, pour it back into its can to use for future projects.

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  • Announcement cards and envelopes

  • Greeting cards and envelopes

  • Watercolor postcards

  • Shipping tag

  • Seam binding

  • Plastic storage bin or galvanized-steel bin

  • Stir stick

  • All-purpose liquid or powder dye

  • Paper towel, for sample


  1. Fill plastic bin with hot water to a depth of at least 6 inches. Stir in dye, starting with a small amount and adding more as desired. Dip a sample strip of paper towel to test the color. If too dark, add water; if too light, add dye. Let solution settle, so there are no bubbles at the surface.

  2. Holding your paper as straight as possible, dip into dye solution to desired line. Keep paper in dye until it turns the desired color. Hang to dry.

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