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Pressed Pansy Projects

Source: Martha Stewart Living, April 1998


Save a bit of summer by pressing pansies and violas, then using them to make a card, a wreath, or a set of glass coasters. Flowers fade when pressed; pansies and violas with more intense colors do best. Get the how-to below, and then make one of our Pressed Pansy crafts.

Pressed Pansy Coasters
Pressed Pansy Cards
Pansy and Viola Wreath


  • Pansies

  • Scissors

  • Telephone book

  • Weight


  1. First, snip stems close to base (or leave flowers on stems), place face down in a telephone book, close and weight book, and leave undisturbed for a week to ten days.

  2. Open it slowly, and you'll find papery pressed flowers; handle with care when making these projects.

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