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Office Supply Crafts: Duct-Tape Accesories

The business of being a child surely involves being creative, efficient, and productive -- in your own way, of course. Office supplies can help.

Source: Martha Stewart Kids, Volume 5 2002


  • Duct tape in a variety of colors and pinking shears.

  • Scissors

  • Self-adhesive Velcro

  • Pinking shears


  1. Create duct tape "fabric" by sticking strips of tape, in any colors you like, sticky sides together so that half of the width of the tape overlaps. Continue to add tape in this overlapping fashion until you have a sheet the size you want. Fold over the remaining flaps to finish the sheet.

  2. Trim the edges of the fabric with a pair of scissors to make them even. For decorative edges, trim them with pinking shears.

  3. Fold the fabric into the shape you want (this will be a wallet), and duct-tape the edges closed. Attach Velcro where needed to create a clasp.

  4. Fasten the Velcro. Try experimenting with different colors and folded shapes, such as the mini folder for keeping stickers, at the top.

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