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Office Supply Crafts: Key-Tag Jewelry

The business of being a child surely involves being creative, efficient, and productive -- in your own way, of course. Office supplies can help.

Source: Martha Stewart Kids, Volume 5 2002


A wristful of paper-and-metal key-tag charms makes its own music. The ones on this bracelet are adorned with two sizes of stickers. Or personalize a keychain with a couple of tags decorated with a monogram and star stickers.


  • Key tags, a chain bracelet and jump rings (available at jewelry-supply or crafts stores), needle-nose pliers, and stickers.

  • Chain bracelet

  • Jump rings

  • Needle-nose pliers

  • Stickers


  1. To make the bracelets, remove the rings that come with the tags, and decorate the tags. If your decorations cover the holes on the tags, use a mini hole punch to repunch the holes.

  2. Using the pliers, open a jump ring, insert a tag, and loop it to a link of the bracelet, then close the jump ring.

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