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Memory Keeping: Arranging Photographs

Display some of the countless photographs of your little charmer using one of these two easy techniques.

Source: Martha Stewart Baby, Volume 1 Special Issue 2000


Before long, most new parents find themselves adrift in a jumble of precious trinkets: tiny shoes, well-loved toys, embroidered gowns, the lock of hair from baby's first trim. With some creativity, you can use these things to create a poetic record of the first years of life.


  1. To create a quiet corner of variously sized black-and-white pictures, have photos mounted in frames of the same color or design. Two or three pictures identical in size can be matted together. Hang the frames in a loose spiral pattern with your favorite picture at the center.

  2. When displaying color and black-and-white pictures together, a sense of uniformity is key. We recommend taking all your pictures with the same camera; the one used here has a square format. Another option is to crop or enlarge images to the same shape and size. Arrange the mixed images in a procession of identical frames. This simple and consistent treatment will allow you to update your gallery with ease.

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