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Framed Memento: Shadow Boxes

A crocheted bootie, silver spoon, and lock of hair share honors in these complementary shadow-box frames

Source: Martha Stewart Baby, Volume 1 Special Issue 2000


Before long, most new parents find themselves adrift in a jumble of precious trinkets: tiny shoes, well-loved toys, embroidered gowns, the lock of hair from baby's first trim. With some creativity, you can use these things to create a poetic record of the first years of life.


  • Frames

  • Nursery wallpaper¬†

  • Archival tape or white craft glupe

  • Paper

  • Ribbon

  • Metallic thread

  • Baby's mementos: crocheted bootie, silver spoon, lock of hair.¬†


  1. Measure the objects' depth before buying frames. Cover the mats with leftover nursery wallpaper, and use archival tape or white craft glue to mount the treasures. Here, the spoon is held in place by metallic thread tightly wound through two small holes in the mat board. Write baby's name in calligraphy on a strip of paper notched like a ribbon, and glue it underneath.

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