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Bibs and Shoelaces for Kids

Fashion meets function in this easy-to-make, customizable fabric trim.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, June 2007


Why settle for white? Here, bibs form the backdrop to more than just baby-food stains, and eye-catching laces make learning to tie one's shoes enticing.

Learn Bias Tape Basics before you start.

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  • Single-fold cotton bias tape, 1/2 inch wide

  • Sewing Kit

  • Measuring tape

  • Bib

  • Shoelaces


  1. Using our bib template, cut bib from white cotton fabric. You will need 2 yards of single-fold bias tape in any width for the bib's binding and ties (plus extra for stripes, monograms, or other embellishments).

  2. For stripes, stitch tape to bib 1/8 inch from tape's upper and lower edges. For monogram, stitch pieces of tape to bib, folding under the ends to prevent fraying.

  3. Stitch bias tape around neckline, and trim excess.

  4. Cut tape to 50 inches. Measure 11 1/2 inches from end of bias tape, leaving it loose (this will be a tie). Attach tape at one outer edge of the neckline, and stitch around bib, stopping at the opposite edge of the neckline. Measure 11 1/2 inches for second tie, and snip off excess.

  5. Stitch entire length of tie, ending with a fold-over finish.

  6. Make or buy single-fold cotton bias tape that is 1/2 inch wide; cut two strips that are the same length as the shoe's original laces. Fold each lace in half lengthwise, and press with iron.

  7. Trim ends at an angle. Stitch along the entire length of the lace, about 1/8 inch from edge. Stack pieces, wrong sides facing and edges aligned. Bind front of bag to back with bias tape, beginning and ending with a fold-over finish.

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