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Bandanna Clothing Crafts: Bermuda Pants

Source: Martha Stewart Kids, Volume 8 2003


Make these carefree days even sunnier by creating fun-to-wear children's play-clothes out of colorful bandannas. The projects here are easy for anyone with basic sewing skills.

Made mostly from standard 22-inch bandannas, the garments are approximately size 5.To alter the size, simply buy larger or smaller bandannas and adjust the measurements. Look for them at army-navy stores or outdoor markets. For vintage designs, try online auctions. Bandannas are classic American cowboy gear, but look closely: The designs vary from Indian paisleys to old-fashioned florals. Since most bandannas cost no more than two dollars, a whole summer wardrobe can be stitched up for a song. What could be cooler than that?


  • Two 27-inch red bandannas


  1. Lay bandannas on top of each other, right sides facing. Bandannas are slightly rectangular; pin them together along long sides. Fold bandannas in half lengthwise, aligning pinned sides. Create arc for crotch as follows (left): Starting from top corner, measure 8 inches down one pinned edge; mark this spot. Measure 1 1/2 inches in from spot; make an X. Measure 2 inches in from top corner; make an X. Draw a line from X to X and out to pinned side, rounding off as shown. Cut along curved line (right).

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