Martha's Brown-Sugar Turkeys


Martha likes to use these 8-inch-tall birds to embellish a dessert buffet. While they are made with edible ingredients -- just sugar, water, and icing -- we recommend using them as decoration only.


  • 4 pounds light-brown sugar

  • Two-piece turkey-shaped chocolate mold (

  • 2 Parchment-lined baking sheets

  • Royal Icing

  • Pastry bag


  1. Combine 2 pounds brown sugar with 3 tablespoons water; mix well with your hands. Firmly pack mixture into 1 piece of the mold (you may have some left over). Lift mold to make sure crevices are filled.

  2. Invert 1 baking sheet onto back of mold; reinvert, turning mold onto sheet. Carefully lift off mold. (If shape breaks or crumbles, wash mold and start over.) Repeat with remaining sugar, 3 tablespoons water, and remaining half of mold. Let dry at room temperature for 2 or 3 days.

  3. Pipe icing along edge of flat side of 1 turkey; press remaining piece flat against it, to form a whole turkey. Pipe icing into seam, and sprinkle with brown sugar if needed to hide the seam.

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