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Baby Shower Charm Invitations

A beloved and enduring tradition, baby showers call for memorable invitations. This idea is easy to make and are sure to generate excitement over the occasion.

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television


Before making the invitations, be certain of the following information: the name of the parent or parents being honored; the date, time, and location of the shower; the name of the person hosting the shower; and the number of invitees. 

When choosing a date, determine whether the party will be held before or after the baby is born. If held before, the shower can provide welcome support for a potentially anxious mom-to-be; if held afterward, it can enable the guests to meet the newborn guest of honor for the first time.



  • Pink or blue card stock

  • Scalloped pinking shears

  • White card stock

  • Vellum

  • Micro-round hole punch

  • Charms

  • Waxed twine


  1. Cut a 4 1/2-by-6 1/4-inch piece of pink card stock, and trim the top and bottom edges with a pair of scalloped pinking shears.

  2. Cut a 3 3/8-by-4 1/2-inch piece of white card stock and a 4 1/8-by-2 7/8-inch piece of vellum.

  3. Using a micro-round hole punch, punch a hole about 1/2 inch from the top of the white card stock and a hole about 1/4-inch from the top of the piece of vellum, both centered (left to right).

  4. Tie the charm to the two punched sheets with waxed twine, threaded through both.

  5. Attach the piece of white card stock, with vellum and the charm, onto the piece of pink card stock with rubber cement. Make sure that they are centered.

  6. Wait for the rubber cement to dry before writing on the vellum.

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