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Lamb Costume

This little sheep can't wait to graze on candy. The "fleece" is wool batting, gathered and sewn to a sleeveless leotard, which is worn over a black long-sleeved shirt and leggings. A cotton hat with floppy felt ears completes the costume.

lamb costume

Photography: Janelle Jones

Source: Halloween 2004, Volume 2004 Special Issue 2004


Note: This costume is appropriate for children ages 3 and older. Because our costumes were assembled from household materials, they do not conform to all of the safety requirements that store-bought costumes do. Therefore, children wearing them should be supervised by an adult at all times. For this project, you will need wool batting and felt—both of which are available at craft stores. This lamb pairs well with our chicken costume for an adorable farm animal inspired group ensemble.


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  • 1 sleeveless white tank-top (Pictured: Primary The New Tunic, in White, $10,

  • Two 20-by-35-inch pieces of wool-blanket batting (Pictured: Quilter's Dream Wool Batting, 108" by 98", $41.75,

  • 8-by-10-inch pieces of wool felt in black and taupe

  • White knit cap

  • Black tennis shoes (Pictured: Twisted Girl's Canvas Printed Lining Tennis Shoe, in Black, $9.50,

  • Fabric scissors

  • White embroidery floss

  • Embroidery needle

  • Fabric glue (Pictured: Beacon Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive, 4 oz., $11.34,

  • Fabric scissors

  • Pins


  1. For bodysuit, slip tank-top over a solid piece of cardboard. Measure and cut wool batting shape so that the neckline and sleeve holes match tank-top, plus a 3-inch overhang on left, right, and bottom edges.

    lamb costume how-to step
  2. Use embroidery floss to fasten batting to neckline and along the sleeve holes. Use straight pins to fasten edges of batting to edges of tanktop, creasing batting periodically, and tacking folds into body. Stitch batting to tunic, removing pins as you go; Repeat process on back side of tunic.

    lamb costume how-to step
  3. For hat, download and print ear lamb's ear template. Use outer line of template to cut two ear pieces from black felt; use inner line to cut two smaller ear pieces from taupe felt. Use a small amount of glue to attach one piece of taupe felt to each piece of black felt. Fold each ear in half lengthwise, and use a medium-hot iron to steam a crease down the middle of each ear. Lay each ear over hat, 3 inches from the bottom, with the taupe side in, and glue to hat.

    lamb costume how-to step

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