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Industrial-Chic Table

By Marcie McGoldrick

This table has a piece of slate resting atop a frame made with half-inch copper pipe and fittings and secured with epoxy. If you want to make two tables quickly, cut duplicates of each piece, and then assemble.

You can also see our instructions for a desk and storage unit.

Tools and Materials

Pipe cutter
1/2-inch copper pipe
12 copper T joints
4 copper caps
Copper epoxy
Felt pads
One 15-by-15-inch slate board

  1. Download assembly plan. Following front view of assembly plan, put together 2 sides of the base (the front view in the plan).
  2. Be sure all the pipes meet at 90-degree angles, then seal with epoxy. Lay flat, and let epoxy cure at least 20 minutes.
  3. Connect the 2 sides at center T with 12-inch pieces, sealing joints with epoxy. Let cure at least 20 minutes.
  4. Cover hollow top of upper Ts with felt pads; rest slate on top.

Copper caps, by Nibco, 1/2", $1; copper pressure T joint, by Nibco, 1/2", $1.50; copper pipe, 1/2", $12.75 for 60"; Rigid 150 tubing cutter, $30; Two-part copper bond, by Super Glue, $7.75 for 1-oz. syringe, Slate presentation board, $40 for 15" square, Raleigh 2-seater sofa, in Beige, $4,260, Wool throw, in Oat, $150,

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