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Glittered Pine Cone Gift Topper

Tools and Materials

Dried pinecones, approx. 3 per topper
Floral wire
Brown floral tape
Martha Stewart Crafts Glittering Glue (available at Michael's)
Martha Stewart Crafts glitter (available at Michael's)
Martha Stewart Crafts Glittering Tray and Brush (available at Michael's)

  1. Loop floral wire around pinecone and twist to secure; repeat on remaining pinecones.
  2. Wrap length of wire with brown floral tape to disguise, trimming excess wire.
  3. Brush glue onto underside and edges of pinecones.
  4. Over a glittering tray or other collecting surface, dust glitter onto preglued pinecone.
  5. Let pinecones dry completely.
  6. Arrange pinecones in desired fashion and twist wires together.
  7. Embellish pinecone clusters with tinsel, ribbon, bullion, or small flowers.
  8. Tie or tape topper onto gift.

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