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These silly sweets take their name seriously; from the book, Cupcakes!.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, Episode 1150


For the Batter

For the Chocolate Coating

For the Frosting


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  • hanne_matter
    23 JAN, 2016
    can I use the frosting without chokolate
    • ashua4411
      13 AUG, 2018
      Yummy thanks for sharing with us.
    • ALR6579489DW
      8 JAN, 2017
      I do not see why not... it was very white and firms up nicely.
  • ALR6579489DW
    8 JAN, 2017
    This was a whole lot of time and trouble. I made these as a trial run in making emoji cupcakes for my daughter's birthday party. Figured making these as directed, then adding candy eyes to be the chocolate ice cream (or poop) emoji... Well, they turned out very cute. But none of us liked to eat them. Hubby thought it was too sweet. Daughter and I thought they were ok. For all the trouble they were to make, definitely not a keeper...
  • MS11057802
    12 AUG, 2015
    the cake and icing turned out great but the chocolate no i melted the chocolate with 3 tablespoons canola oil in a metal bowl over pan of boiling water let it melt then poured the chocolate into a small bowl let it sit 15 mins. i dipped the first cupcake. the icing fell off the the cupcake in the chocolate. i tried again same thing the chocolate was too thick or cooled down too fast. i spent a lot of time and money making these was dissapointed. i had to plop the chocolate over icing in glops.
  • denosbaby
    19 MAY, 2015
    I was wondering if u can make the icing a different flavor like peanut butter n how would it be done. i'm not big on almond flavoring but would like to make these. I seen someone had said they made peanut butter icing n sprinkled I think peanuts on them before the chocolate set but I don't remember where i seen it. also can I just make my simple buttercream icing? its not Italian buttercream just buttercream using powered sugar. would that be too heavy of an icing?
  • christophercharles100
    14 APR, 2015
    I love this recipe so much. I'm gonna prepare it with the food processor I got. I have been getting a lot of compliments for this food processor and the amazing way it chops food. I'm so looking forward to trying out this recipe with precision. I've been eating too many old, over-eaten meals lately and would like some changes effected in my diet.
  • LindsayAmundson
    8 APR, 2014
    These are delicious, BUT THE RECIPE WRONG. Do not fill the cupcakes within 1/8 inch of the top - they overflow. Not surprising, but totally annoying since the recipe says to fill them that full specifically and says it makes 12 which is a joke. I used a standard size muffin pan - maybe the used a jumbo size? You think they would test their recipes... Anyway, the cake portion of the recipe makes more like 18-20 cupcakes filled about 3/4 full so adjust your frosting and coating recipes by +50%.
  • debra12q
    25 NOV, 2013
    mmm cupcakes...yummy!
  • laurenmferguson
    22 SEP, 2013
    Most bakers / cooks would realize that you need *NEED* an electric mixer for this recipe, not me. We mixed it by hand, and while it was a great workout (20 mins or so of hand beating), I wouldn't recommend it! Also I ruined the first batch of egg whites by overheating while mixing by cooking the egg too much (yuck). Half a dozen eggs later and with biceps of steel we finally achieved peaks, and it felt like we had scaled an actual mountain. I can't wait for them to cool!
  • Stlc
    7 JUL, 2013
    I'm planning to make this today. What is frustrating me quite a bit is that the ingredient list is just that, a long list with no distinction in which amounts of sugar, chocolate and eggs belong to which part (batter, frosting, glaze) of the recipe. Someone please update the recipe to be more clear. Cooking is a Science, specifics are needed.
  • ZappyKins
    23 JUN, 2013
    You need to have enough room in your fridge, so plan ahead. The amoretto flavored frosting with the dark chocolate coating and cake is a flavor combination that makes life worthwhile - it is that good! I recommend serving them in a small dish with a fork, as they are quite messy to eat with your hands and you want to get a little cake, frosting and coating in each bite. It does take time to make these with the steps, waiting periods, etc., but worth it for a special occasion or friend.

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