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Glittered Tree Stump

These "snowcapped" birch stumps turn your holiday table into a forest floor.

Tools and Materials

Cotton batting
Birch stump
1-inch-wide brush
Clear-drying glue, such as Sobo

  1. Gently tear off roughly circular shapes of batting, and stack them on the stump until you've reached desired height.
  2. Use brush to generously coat each layer of the batting with a mixture of equal parts glue and water, working to form the mound shape as you brush.
  3. While glue is wet, cover top of batting with glitter. Let dry overnight.

Pure cotton batting, $7.50, Birch stump, $7, Crystal glitter, by Martha Stewart Crafts, $8.25,

Buri animals, by Martha Stewart, in small, $15, and large, $32, Natural maple tealight holders, from $4 each; and natural wood pieces with bark, 11" by 8", $7 each; Uno natural linen napkins, in Natural, $7 each, Feather-edge pearlware dinner plates, with Green Paint, $70 each, Milton pots, by Ben Wolff Pottery, in White Clay, 3 3/4" by 4", $11 each, and 5 3/4" by 6", $22 each;

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