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Pinata Christmas Cracker

The oversize proportions of this pinata bring the cracker to a whimsical level. Fill this foam-board creation with confetti and treats, suspend it from the ceiling with twine, and let the kids work for their loot. Too pretty to break? It can be part of your holiday decor and stored for next year.

Tools and Materials

1/16-inch-thick foam board
Craft knife
Straight-edge ruler
Masking tape
Candy and confetti
Gold spray paint
Hot-glue gun
Double-sided tape

  1. Print template and clip art, including 2 octagonal stoppers, and cut out.
  2. Trace template onto foam board 8 times side by side.
  3. Using craft knife, cut along perimeter, then cut out diamonds, creating bow-tie shapes.
  4. Using straight-edge ruler as a guide, score (cut through top layer of paper on the foam board, just enough so it will bend) all lines except for the center line through each bowtie shape.
  5. Flip foam board over, and score at center line of each bow-tie shape (so they bend in the opposite direction).
  6. Fold carefully along scored lines to create octagonal cylinder. Secure with masking tape in center.
  7. Use twine to gather and cinch at center of bow-tie shapes.
  8. Coat cracker and stoppers with spray paint. Let dry.
  9. Hot-glue stopper into 1 end of cracker. Let dry, then fill with candy and confetti. Repeat at other end to seal pinata.
  10. Adhere clip-art bands to center of cracker with double-sided tape. Cover twine with ribbon.

Foam board (#13202-1016), by Elmer's, 3/16" by 30" by 40", $32.50 for 10, Specialty Metallic spray paint, by Rust-Oleum, in Gold, $3, Pique dress with studs, $43,

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