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Traditional Paper Christmas Cracker

Give one a pull, watch it pop open, and—surprise! In Britain, these festive paper tubes are fun for packaging small presents. 

Photography: David Meredith

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2012


Learn more about the history, the making, and magic of Christmas crackers.


    • Wrapping paper (Pictured: Metallic craft paper, in Citrus, Gold, and Copper, 24" by 85', $20 per roll, Metallic foil, in Gold, Dull Gold, Red, and Red Copper, 26" by 25', $17 per roll,

    • Cardboard roll (Pictured: Cardboard tubes, 4 1/2" by 1 3/4", $15 for 24,

    • Cracker snap (Pictured: Olde English Crackers cracker snaps, 12", $18.50 for 144,

    • Double-sided tape

    • Hot-glue gun and glue sticks

    • Scissors

    • Ribbon (Pictured: Metallic ribbon in Gold #60184, 5mm, 98 cents per yd.,

    • Assorted tokens and treats


    1. Print cracker template and clip-art band; cut out.

    2. Trace template onto a 5 5/8-by-12-inch piece of wrapping paper; cut out as indicated on template.

    3. Lay paper roll at the top center of paper. Slide cracker snap through roll; tack each end to paper with hot glue.

    4. Wrap the paper around the roll, and seal with a thin line of glue; let dry.

    5. Place a piece of ribbon around perforations on one end of cracker, gather, and tie off. Fill roll with treats. Repeat with ribbon on other end.

    6. With double-sided tape, attach clip-art to center of cracker.

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