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Oversize Paper Christmas Cracker

Say goodbye to the trash bag as the wrapping of last resort for oversize gifts. Colossal (non-banging) crackers like these are just the solution for any bulky, hard-to-wrap present.

Tools and Materials

Florist crepe paper
Concrete-form tube
Hot-glue gun
Wrapping paper
Double-sided tape

  1. Print clip-art tag, and cut out.
  2. Cut a piece of crepe paper to fit around each end of tube, allowing a 20-inch overhang. Hotglue crepe paper to tube around 1 end. Cinch with ribbon; tie.
  3. Fill tube with gift. Close off tube at open end as in step 2.
  4. Wrap body of tube with wrapping paper; adhere with tape. Attach clip-art tag with tape.

Concrete-form tube, by Sakrete, in various sizes, from $5.25 each, Ribbon (#4595), 38 mm, in Coral, $11 per yd., from Mokuba, 212-869-8900. Petrie chair, in Snow, $999, Loungewear pants, $165,

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