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Horsehair Tassel

This tassel -- and our Horsehair Bracelet -- are great gifts to make in bulk for all your stylish friends.

Tools and Materials

Waxed twine
Leather trim
Clear glue

  1. Start with 12 inches of horsehair. Take a grouping of hair, and tie tightly at center point with waxed twine.
  2. Fold hair in half, and tie off tightly about 1 1/2 inches down from the fold. Remove hairs that have escaped.
  3. Trim tassel to desired length.
  4. Cover the waxed twine around body of tassel with a piece of leather trim. Dab glue to secure as you wrap.
  5. Stitch the trim closed.
  6. To finish, add a leather tie to the top of the tassel.

Horsehair, in Black, 13" to 15", $19.75 per lb., Waxed linen twine, in Black, $15 for 100 yd., Machined end cap, 1/4", in Brass, 75 cents; round jump ring, 1/4", in Brass, 25 cents; and brass lobster clasp, 7.3 mm by 12.9 mm, 45 cents; Silver-plated lobster clasp, 18 mm by 10 mm, $1; silver-plated split rings, 6 mm, $2 for 100; and plain bell caps, 6 mm opening, $1.29 each; Barge glue cement, $7 for 2 oz., Round-nose pliers, $5.25, Silver blackener, $13 per pint; and Brown-Black Brass, Bronze, & Copper Darkener, $12.25 per pint;

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