These bracelets are made with a four-part braid and black hair from Martha's horses. For another horsehair craft, try our Horsehair Tassel.



Waxed twine

Jewelry findings

Glue cement


  1. Follow braiding instructions. Braid a long section of horsehair, and tie tightly with twine at ends, every 6 to 8 inches.
  2. Cut between 2 ties to create the pieces for your bracelet.
  3. Dab glue cement onto both snipped ends of horsehair and inside the end caps. Insert hair into blackened end caps.
  4. Use pliers to attach a jump ring to each end cap before attaching the clasp.

Note: I used metal blackener on our brass and silver findings. Follow manufacturer's instructions.

Comments (2)

Martha Stewart Member
January 1, 2019
Love them . I have 4 horses and are making individually braided them twisted together bracelet. Having a problem with little whispys on a couple of braids. What did you use to keep those down? Thank you.
Martha Stewart Member
December 9, 2012
where did you get the findings - I want to make this for my duaghter