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Apple-Sour Cream Crumb Pie

Recipe photo courtesy of Marcus Nilsson

After a brief time in a 450-degree oven, this pie bakes at 350 degrees. You'll want to use an oven thermometer to monitor the temperature. Because of the dense filling, a long cooling time is essential before slicing and serving.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, November 2012
Total Time Prep Servings


For the Pie dough

For the Crumb Topping

For the Filling


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  • mccartneymmyah
    23 SEP, 2015
    This is the BEST apple pie hands down! Delicious! I have one small tip though. When you mix the apples with the filling there is extra sauce you only need to coat the apples with the sauce so when are transferring the apples to the pie crust do not just dump bowl of apples in pie with extra filling. I scooped out each apple and placed in the pie so I didn't have extra sauce making the pie soggy worked great! The timing on pie is spot on but use thermometer pie is done when internal temp is 190.
    • ALR4310368DW
      4 OCT, 2018
      Question... how long does the pie bake? Is it 45min then an additional 5 min for the crumble? Or an additional 50min for the crumble?
  • Hailey
    6 OCT, 2013
    This is a time consuming but well worth it recipe for a darn good apple pie. Maybe the recipe was edited after the comments on how much butter in the crumb topping, but it works great now. The ingredient list breaks out the butter clearly for the separate components of the recipe. I'm making it again and the only change will be the biggest pie plate I can find. This thing is a whopper that feeds a lot of people.
  • Clo816
    26 NOV, 2012
    I thought this was one of the best apple pies I've tasted. I followed the recipe to a T - even the 2 sticks of butter. Didn't have any excess grease and the drippings landed on the cookie sheet I placed under it per the recipe. Who knew sour cream went well with apple pie?
  • Rachael P S
    23 NOV, 2012
    I'm sure the flavor is great....but because I used both sticks of butter for the topping, it dripped so much on the bottom of the oven that it created a kitchen fire. No joke. Flames were I am a very experienced home cook. leaping out of my oven. DO NOT PUT BOTH STICKS OF BUTTER IN THE TOPPING!!!!!!!!!! The recipe is bad and what happened had nothing to do with me being inexperienced in the kitchen.
  • Larry F
    20 NOV, 2012
    Well, I did follow the the letter. I used 2 sticks of butter for the topping per the recipe...The pie came out way WAY to greasy. Additionally, the topping came out crunchy...NOT crumby. Completely bummed the way it came out. I should know better...never try a new recipe during the Holidays.
  • MS10728959
    10 NOV, 2012
    I would love to try this recipe . What is a stick of butter in cups, In Canada we measure in cups or LBS.
  • Nikki425
    22 OCT, 2012
    I also used one stick of butter for the crumbs and found it to be plenty. I was a little confused about the baking time after applying the crumb topping. It bakes for an additional 50 minutes after putting in the crumb crumbs?so then it's almost a two hour bake time total?
  • kim_wenner
    16 OCT, 2012
    This pie is fantastic - it's huge, heavy and beautiful! I only used 1 stick of butter for the crumbs and it was plenty.

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