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Cozy Brunch

Nothing says "make yourself at home" like a lazy Susan on the table. Load it up with your favorite jams, spreads, and butters, and invite friends for an easy make-ahead morning meal that stretches into the afternoon. 

The Look

Map It Out

Let guests know what they're about to spread on their bread by topping your lazy Susan with a round of paper and labeling what's what.

Mix Your Dishware

Take your cue from Scandinavian design: Combine glass with wood, white ceramics, and earthy pottery.

Vary Your Pots

Serving two types of tea (one black, one caffeine-free herbal) in two very different pots adds interest to the table and prevents accidental overcaffeination.

The Menu

Citrus Salad with Poached Cranberries
Soft-Cooked Eggs with Coriander Salt
Apple-and-Root-Vegetable Hash

Browse our favorite brunch basics: tableware, tea, preserves, and more.

Winston teapot, by Eisch, $212.50, Teaball with wooden handle, by Freud, large, $105,

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