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Visual Organizing System

Martha Stewart Living, October 2012

Toy instructions and ideas torn from magazines: This may be the digital age, but paper pileup is still a problem in most households. Crafts editor Jodi Levine came up with this visual organizing system: She tucks papers (including cards and invites) into thin binders with clear plastic sleeves. On color-coded labels indicating broad categories (such as home, kids, and food), she writes subcategories. Travel, for example, is divided into day trips, weekend trips, and summer vacations. "It's easier to keep up than a filing cabinet and tidier than a junk drawer," she says.

24-Sleeve Presentation binders, $8 each, Permanent file-folder labels, by Martha Stewart Home Office With Avery, $3 per pack of 120, Petrified-wood bookend, $148 for 2,

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