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Clown Dartboard How-To

Martha Stewart Living, October 2012

Turn the maniacal clown that nightmares are made of into a fun party game. Download clip art, paste it onto foam board, and attach balloons along the edges and for the eyes and nose. Then mount it to a lazy Susan, give it a spin, and take dead aim. (Hang it where you won't mind stray darts hitting.)

Tools and Materials

Spray adhesive
1/2-inch-thick black foam board (40-by-60-inch sheet)
Box cutter
Industrial-strength Velcro fasteners
Lazy Susan (optional; for spinning)

  1. Have clip art printed at a copy center, or print it yourself and tile it. Using spray adhesive, mount clip art to foam board.
  2. Cut out circle. Use 4 Velcro fasteners to attach to lazy Susan.
  3. Use Velcro fasteners to attach lazy Susan to wall. (Hang on a bulletin board or anywhere you won't mind stray darts landing.)

Foam board, 1/2", $44.50 for a 40"-by-60" sheet, Snudda lazy Susan, $8,

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