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Halloween Costume Jewelry

Martha Stewart Living, October 2012

Get more bling for your buck when it comes to your Halloween costume. Just one string of beads can be used to make a whole set of jewelry -- earrings, a ring, and a necklace -- fit for an evil queen or a little princess.

Jewelry How-To

Use a strand that has at least six center-drilled beads.

Tools and Materials

Strand of beads
24-gauge gold wire
Jewelry pliers
4 jump rings
2 earring hooks
Ring base with pad
Fast-setting multiuse glue, such as Beacon 527

  1. Remove beads from strand. Reserve 3 beads for earrings and ring.
  2. For the necklace: String remaining beads onto a length of gold wire, making a small loop at each end of the wire to secure beads. Attach 1 jump ring to each loop. Tie a length of ribbon to each jump ring.
  3. For the earrings: Feed a length of gold wire through each bead, making a small loop at each end of the beads. Attach 1 earring hook to one of the loops at the end of each bead.
  4. For the ring: Sand down the spot on the bead where you will attach the ring base. Apply glue to pad of base, and stick on bead.

Gold beadery wire, 24-gauge, $4 for 30 yd.; gold jump rings, 7 mm, $1.50 per bag; gold spring clasps (H-14), 14 mm, $6 for 12; gold ring posts (#2222-7), 7 mm, $12 for 15; gold ear wires, $5 for 12; and superfine round-nose pliers with spring, $7.50;

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