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5 Tips for Cooks in a Hurry

Everyday Food, September 2012

1. Prep Ahead

Wash, dry, and trim veggies before storing to save precious prep minutes at dinnertime.

2. Be a Weekend Warrior

Cook big pots of beans and rice, blanch vegetables, or roast two chickens at once, then build meals all week.

3. Heat First

Preheat the oven or put water on to boil as soon as you walk in the door so you aren't stuck waiting.

4. Keep a Running List

Put a stop to last-minute grocery runs by writing down essentials that are getting low so you can restock before they're gone.

5. Store 'Em Where You Need 'Em

Keep cooking utensils next to the stove, pots on hanging racks, and knives near your cutting boards to save steps and seconds.

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